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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to pay with crypto?

    - Open an account on exchanges like,,,, and buy any cryptocurrency using a credit card.
    - Download an application for a desktop (, a phone ( or install a Chrome extension (MetaMask, Binance Wallet) and buy cryptocurrencies on or

  • How are live tips created?

    We design algorithms for betting software that enable us to determine unnatural odds movement and bookmaker mistakes. It doesn’t work for each specific bet, but ensuring more than half correct is enough to have an advantage in the long distance.
    Please read a full explanation in the How it works section.

  • What are the statistics?

    The actual profitability for the last 10,000 bets is about 3% per 100 bets by using 1% pot per bet with maximum drawdown rate at 27%. It can’t guarantee the future earnings. Any particular situation such as a long losing streak is not excluded. We do however, collect and analyse all new data and keep you up to date on any developments.

  • How to bet on live tips?

    • Place equal bets
    • Use a flat strategy, maximum 3% of bank for each bet
    • Don’t place a bet if the odds have changed
    • Place one or fix number of bets for a game
    • Don’t try to filter bets and select specific one. Feeling insecure about a bet is fine because you bet against the market. Likely, exactly those bets you want to skip are most overvalued and have to be placed.

  • Is there a guarantee?

    As stated above, nobody can guarantee future earnings. But we guarantee a full refund of user fees for our service in case the sum of your bets is negative and you can prove that.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Yes. In case you used our service on a paid basis and got a negative result, we’ll get your money back. The only condition is you have to prove that you have suffered a loss using only our bets and following our rules described in the section How to bet on live tips. Refund regards only the service fees, not the lost in bets money.

  • Which bookmakers are available?

    Selecting bookmakers is an important part of our work. Not every bookmaker can be beaten. We select our bookmaker based on margin, permanent mistakes, decency matters etc. At this moment we primarily provide data for Bet365, 1xbet and Marathonbet as we are sure those can be beaten. New ones are going to be added over time, after the live section has been launched and we collect feedback from users.

  • What are the pitfalls?

    Figuring out how to beat bookmakers is not only about placing profitable bets. Bookmakers constantly make it harder for professional bettors to play. They restrict maximum bet and freeze users’ accounts, requiring additional verification and documents. You have to be prepared to change and seek new accounts, fight with support and come up with your own account management tools and strategies. All these problems are why we’ve decided, at some point, to shift our focus from placing bets to providing them for professional players. We became better in developing software and scalability processes, but many of our customers have succeeded specifically in betting, using data that we provide.



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