Jackpot predictions

  • What is a jackpot bet?

    This is a coupon with numerous games composed by a bookmaker. You should guess incomes for all games to compete with other users for the main prize.

  • What are the types of a jackpot?

    Usually it consists of 15 games with 3 bets each. You should correctly determine at least 9 to be among the winners. It varies from the number of games and required minimal successful bets for pay-out.

  • How are the jackpot tips created?

    We match the games where our betting software has found the overvalued odds with games contained within jackpot coupons. Then, we publish the most suitable tips. For instance, we might publish a tip "The first team to win" if it found overvaluation on a handicap for the first team.

  • Can I make money on jackpot betting?

    No. We do not consider and do not recommend consider jackpot gaming as a professional tool. There are a lot of reasons such as multiplication of margin, inability of choice bets, and an opaque system of most jackpots. This section is created primarily for marketing reasons and never promoted as a betting tool.

  • What is the difference between a jackpot and an accumulator?

    You are eligible to select bets for your accumulator whereas jackpot coupons are made up by a bookmaker. Also, when placing an accumulator, you should correctly determine all incomes while jackpot pay-outs could start from several successful options.

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