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  1. Avatar Cruqz

    I Love This Site, It Has Helped Me Alot And Understand how to make bets, I Hope To Win Huge One Day And In Return Reward You Guys With Huge Sum Of Money, Keep The Good Work Guys

    1. Avatar Bethub

      It means win1(market 1-2) and win2(market 1-2) i.e. just Win 1 and Win 2.
      It could be quite confusing, we understand it. However, we decided to stop using autocorrections as they caused constant mistakes and misunderstanding. Now, we display all bets precisely how they’re recorded in bookmaker lines.

  2. Avatar Jack Collins

    Kindly restore the function of the options icon on the bottom left side of the site. It is now impossible to group as nearest, today, tomorrow or to view sports separately.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      We don’t have ‘wise sure’ predictions. Each prediction is equal. It works only in the long distance. If someone can determine which predictions are ‘sure’, it’s strange for him to keep posting others.

  3. Avatar FrankObrempong

    Hello, admin I’m very new to this whole betting platform. Please can I get like a booking cod the Bets you’ve been posting on Telegram… I try to bet on sportybet and always get the interpretation wrong… Please if u can get a code I will be pleased with that one…. thanks for your good work and kindness

    1. Avatar FrankObrempong

      Oh admin I mean code…. especially for my betway or sporty….. I’m having tough time in understand all the bet you post on Telegram and I have lost a lot due to that

    1. Avatar VUK

      Vrhunski rad cijele Vaše ekipe ne znam koliko Vas ima,ali ovo je najprofesionalnija i najbolje recenzirana stranica na internetu i među aplikacijama a prošao sam ih…kratko jasno bez puno bezveznog pričanja u prazno sve pohvale i evo sad sam naletio na stranicu imam onu hub aplikaciju sa fantasy nogomet ,al za ovu stranicu nemam riječi da opišem koliko je dobra u svemu…..jedino postotke pogodaka jos nisam vidio i usporedio,šalim se.puno pozdrava i pohvala od zagriženog pratioca klađenja još dok klađenja nije bilo nego nedeljom i srijedom toto 13 i toto 10,sada je puno jednostavnije ukomponirat strategije igranja,ulaganja sa progresijom ja sam uvijek za do tri četri koraka da poništiš gubitak,ali nikako nešto agresivno poput martingale,sviđa mi se fibonacijev niz ali puno dulji ne do 55 i sa mojim doradama strategije kada stavljat kada si u pozitivnom nizu koliko stavljat kada si u negativnom nizu.puno pozz iz centra grada ZAGREBA i ostanite najbolji.ZVONIMIR.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      The bet is paid when the second team scores 3 or more points and void in the case of 2 points.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      Does the time not change? Or is it changing incorrectly? Is the only problem with the live section?

    2. Avatar Admirol

      Yea is not change time.
      I changed to 0 when I back to profile is same +3 I Dont know why. Same live & premach

    1. Avatar Bethub

      This is the bet on the first period only.
      Sometimes a period means a set, half and so on. In any case, this is exactly a period of the game.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      The bet is paid when the first team wins, draws or loses not more than 1 (2) goal. In the case of when it loses with difference exact 1 (2) goals, the bet is void.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      Archive in footer:

      Percentage of won tips is approximately 55%. But this data does not make a sense without information about odds.

      The actual profitability (last 10,000 bets) is about 3% per 100 bets by using 1%.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      At this moment these are 12bet, 1xbet, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Marathonbet, Paddy Power, Skybet, Tonybet, Unibet, William Hill.

      With the free option, games from the last 24 hours are shown. We are planning to launch premium access with extended time option in the future. Also, live tips will only be available with premium.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      The bet is paid when the first team wins, draws or loses not more than 2 goal. In the case of when it loses with difference exact 3 goals, the bet is void.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      The first team to win with handicap (-1.5)
      The second team to win with handicap (+1.5)

    1. Avatar Black Mamba

      Yes, i think that it will be useful. What is the Acca performance by now do we know?

    1. Avatar Bethub

      The away team to score more corners in the game with European handicap +2.
      You can add 2 to final corners score. If the second team wins, you win the bet.

  4. Avatar Bethub

    All predictions are on the home page. We have divided the live section and popular prematch tips. You can also use a filter for quick navigation.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      H1 is the home team or the team which is the first.
      H2 is the away team or the team which is the second.

  5. Avatar Buckets

    Great service.. I thought you should work on the live bets though.. should probably add a link that one can click and go to the live bets page because whenever I and assume others try to get stuff from it it’s quite frustrating because it’s always jumping/changing ….sometimes when there are many games have to wait a while before it comes back to the game u were looking at .. I’d appreciate it.. perhaps just add a page for it just like how I can click on the basketball page and it’ll take me to the basketball page.. anyway great service.. appreciate wat ur doing

    1. Avatar Bethub

      The main difference between European and Asian handicap is a return condition.
      For instance, (-1) in Asian handicap means you get your stake back in case of winning exactly 1 goal, while in European handicap you lose your money. (-1) in European handicap is equal to (-1.5) in Asian.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      I would recommend to verify all tools you are going to apply. For instance, you could write down the predictions for a while observing the results. Asking someone for a conclusion about yourself is not a reliable way.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      Approximately 55%. But this is a strange way to count. There is no point in winning 90% of games if the average coefficient is 1.09.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      The actual profitability (last 10,000 bets) is about 3% per 100 bets by using 1% pot per bet.

  6. Avatar rickybob

    yall pounding the under 19.5 under 18.5 then 0ver 20.5 , over 21 u ever middle yourself ?? tough to disipher who u are leaning/fading the bets come so quick on the other side

    1. Avatar rickybob

      like this 10:49
      Grigoriy Lomakin — Nick Chappell
      Lomakin, Grigoriy — Chappell, Nick
      Win 1
      Grigoriy Lomakin — Nick Chappell
      Win 2 (1 set)

    2. Avatar Bethub

      Yes, this is normal. Value of a bet depends on the odds, time and market.
      For example, we believe that the actual odds in a particular tennis match are 50/50%.
      Then, if the bookmaker provides the coefficient higher than 2 for the first player, we will make the bet on the first player. While if coefficient for the second player’s win rises over 2, we will make the an opposite bet.
      There is no logic in who will win without specific numbers and point in time.
      Please read “How it works” section. There we provides a detailed explanation.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      This is a bet on 1st period. There should be 5 corners or less and the second team has not to score or it has to score exactly one point (in this case the bet is void).

    1. Avatar Bethub

      The bet is paid when the first team wins, draws or loses not more than 1 goal. In the case of when it loses with difference exact 2 goals, the bet is void.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      Don’t rely on such statistics. It was more like a win streak.
      The actual profitability (last 10,000 bets) is about 3% per 100 bets by using 1% pot per bet. But you always can face a losing streak.

  7. Avatar d1stBlank

    One of the best site in the field. Really enjoying the live match but if you could make it more differentiable like that which is for football, basketball, baseball etc. Maybe with a logo or color. Thanks keep up the hard work

  8. Avatar Mali

    Great I’ve used so far. Started using late last night, helped a lot with basketball games. Interesting tips. Live tips were showing yesterday were pretty good.

    Do we get tips for games that’s are currently playing live? I saw that last night but can’t seem to see live games today

    1. Avatar Bethub

      Yes. We get it. Sometimes we fix the software or redesign it. Now it’s working.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      What exactly do you mean? Do you want to be able to create your own market and get tips automatically on it?

      I don’t think it could be possible because system works the other way. Initially we analyse the markets and detect overvalued bets, and then we make up a listing.

  9. Avatar Mariuss

    The site looks great to me. I also like the analysis of the matches, as well as the graphical interface.
    However, on the site some sporting events do not have a real time and date. For example, in “Prematch”, even if I select “Today”, I am also given tomorrow’s events.
    Could this situation be resolved? Thank you.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      Perhaps the issue is a timezone. I see it works correctly right now. We’ll check it out.

    1. Avatar Jack Collins

      How do I get authorization. I’m logged in but still have to view bets individually. Thanks

    1. Avatar Bethub

      Team scores 3+ corners more. In case of difference is exact 2, the bet is avoid.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      We are planning to introduce advanced accounts this year. These accounts will be able to watch all time pre-match games as soon as they appear, use extended live functionality, view the site without advertising and the addition of new software that will be introduced over time.

  10. Avatar milantenhave

    Hello, I have a few suggestions.

    1. Can you make an option to remove a bet if I placed it, especially inplay, there are a lot of double tips
    2. Can you add an the time that the tip was posted to pre match tips? 90% of the tips have already dropped

    Thanks for the service.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      Then how could you write this? =)

      On this site there is not even a mechanism for a ban.

  11. Avatar jie337361489

    This real-time prediction is very useful. It’s of great reference value. When the big bug of football balls is lower than or 5.5, there is a high probability of scoring. Please don’t let the gambling company know. Ha ha

    1. Avatar jie337361489

      I am using translation software may not be correct, but I try
      For example: prompt under 3.5 or 2.5 to bet on over 3.5 or 2.5, as well as corners
      Let’s find out the utilization value from another angle
      I wish you all win

    1. Avatar Bethub

      Nous ne pouvons pas garantir cela à l’avenir. Mais jusqu’à présent, les statistiques sont positives.

    2. Avatar calibermonkey1

      Odds are always dropped already by like 10% it is not profitable this way :/

    1. Avatar Bethub

      Bu normal. Pazar sürekli değişiyor. Program çok fazla veri kullanır ve mevcut duruma göre bir tahmin yapar. Her maça sabit sayıda bahis koymalısınız. Yazılımımızla çalışma kurallarını buradan okumanızı tavsiye ederiz:

    1. Avatar Bethub

      The site is now free to use. When a premium plan appears, you will immediately see it on the home page.

  12. Avatar Gono

    Your bets are very good but you still need to work to improve your accuracy. At the moment all bets are 50% which is not bad but not good enough because you plan to start charging for this so you have to perfect your algorithim. I like the idea that you offer a variety of sports. You should keep this up.

  13. Avatar Yaaldii

    hi what is the best way for you to use your predictions? because I already follow the predictions but I don’t play them all as I don’t have huge money to play them all so I combine but each time there is one who loses
    I await your advice then thank you

  14. Avatar Buckets

    Hello admin.. Sorry I’m new to this plaform but it looks interesting.. So i have to ask.. I’ve been going through the archive checking the previous results but there’s just lots of colouring and only I don’t know which means wat

  15. Avatar Elias bets

    Hi Admin please again give me the meaning of the following term :
    1. (Total 0-1 2nd team No)
    2. (1{0:1}-corners)
    3. (H2{+4}-corners)
    5.(under 1 1st period)
    6.(2 1st period)

    1. Avatar Bethub

      1. The second team must score 2 or more.
      2. The same as “Corners: H1(-1.5)”. Means the first team must take 2 or more corners than the second team.
      3. The bet will be won, if the second team scores more, the same or 1/2/3 less corners than the fist team. If the 2nd team takes exactly 4 corners less (for example, 8:4 or 7:3), the bet is void.
      4. Half of your bet goes to Handicap1(-0.5) (same as winning the first team). The other half goes to Handicap1(0), meaning you win if the first team wins and get your money back in case of a draw.
      5. There will be 0 goals in the first period. In exactly 1 goal is scored, your bet will be void.
      6. The victory of the second team in the first period.

  16. Avatar stan78

    Hello Admin,good day please am totally confused with this handicap betting options. Please if you can help me with where I can get all the symbols and meanings. Thanks for your reply

    1. Avatar Bethub

      We are working on a dictionary of bets now. For now, you can read about handicaps in the rules of any bookmaker.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      (0.75) is an Asian handicap, meaning half of your bet goes to (0.5) and the other half goes to (1).
      Thus, H1(+0.75) = 1/2 of bet is H1(+0.5) and 1/2 of bet is H1(+1).
      H1(+0.5) is the same as 1X meaning “the first team wins or draw”.
      H1(+1) is the first team handicap (+1) meaning your bet wins if the first team wins or draws and is avoid if it loses by exactly one goal.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      Corners in the first period: Total Over (5).
      It means there will be 5 or more corners in the first half of the football game.
      In case of exactly 5 corners, the bet is avoid.
      In case 6 or more, you win.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      We’re developing the full version of Prematch, where you can see tips a week or even a month before games.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      It is not possible to guess a specific match. Profit is generated after hundreds of matches with competent bankroll management.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      Telegram channel will be coming soon.
      The application is planned for next year.
      If requested, we can notify you when the app is released.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      H = Handicap
      H2(-3.5) wins if the second team wins with a difference of 4 or more
      H1(0) wins if the first team wins and voids if there is a draw



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