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  1. Avatar Buckets

    Hello admin.. Sorry I’m new to this plaform but it looks interesting.. So i have to ask.. I’ve been going through the archive checking the previous results but there’s just lots of colouring and only I don’t know which means wat

  2. Avatar Elias bets

    Hi Admin please again give me the meaning of the following term :
    1. (Total 0-1 2nd team No)
    2. (1{0:1}-corners)
    3. (H2{+4}-corners)
    5.(under 1 1st period)
    6.(2 1st period)

    1. Avatar Bethub

      1. The second team must score 2 or more.
      2. The same as “Corners: H1(-1.5)”. Means the first team must take 2 or more corners than the second team.
      3. The bet will be won, if the second team scores more, the same or 1/2/3 less corners than the fist team. If the 2nd team takes exactly 4 corners less (for example, 8:4 or 7:3), the bet is void.
      4. Half of your bet goes to Handicap1(-0.5) (same as winning the first team). The other half goes to Handicap1(0), meaning you win if the first team wins and get your money back in case of a draw.
      5. There will be 0 goals in the first period. In exactly 1 goal is scored, your bet will be void.
      6. The victory of the second team in the first period.

  3. Avatar stan78

    Hello Admin,good day please am totally confused with this handicap betting options. Please if you can help me with where I can get all the symbols and meanings. Thanks for your reply

    1. Avatar Bethub

      We are working on a dictionary of bets now. For now, you can read about handicaps in the rules of any bookmaker.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      (0.75) is an Asian handicap, meaning half of your bet goes to (0.5) and the other half goes to (1).
      Thus, H1(+0.75) = 1/2 of bet is H1(+0.5) and 1/2 of bet is H1(+1).
      H1(+0.5) is the same as 1X meaning “the first team wins or draw”.
      H1(+1) is the first team handicap (+1) meaning your bet wins if the first team wins or draws and is avoid if it loses by exactly one goal.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      Corners in the first period: Total Over (5).
      It means there will be 5 or more corners in the first half of the football game.
      In case of exactly 5 corners, the bet is avoid.
      In case 6 or more, you win.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      We’re developing the full version of Prematch, where you can see tips a week or even a month before games.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      It is not possible to guess a specific match. Profit is generated only at a distance of hundreds of matches with competent bankroll management.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      Telegram channel will be coming soon.
      The application is planned for next year.
      We can notify you if you want.

    1. Avatar Bethub

      H = Handicap
      H2(-3.5) wins if the second team wins with a difference of 4 or more
      H1(0) wins if the first team wins and voids if there is a draw


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