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  • Are the tips on UEFA Champions League free?

    Yes. They are free and available to everyone 24 hours before games start.

  • How many matches do your free tips cover?

    We strive to cover the maximum number of games but don't publish random tips if there is no reliable data that is available for a specific match.

  • How are the tips on UEFA Champions League compiled?

    We rely on the Bethub professional betting software. We have developed and enhanced it over the last 6 years. During this time, it has proven its effectiveness. We use actual data to train our algorithms and examine statistics to keep it up to date.

  • Is it profitable to use free tips?

    Although our recent statistics show a yield of 3% for each of 100 bets, nobody can ever guarantee the profit in the future. So we would like to our service to be considered as a training tool which helps you to analyse the market and look for overvalued odds for further analysis.

  • Which kind of bets do tips cover?

    90 percent covers bets on 1x2, O/U, double chance and corners. But we do not try to select specific ones. The senior criteria is an overvaluation containing within the odds. The type of bet is not important at all.



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