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  • Are your daily tennis tips really free?

    Yes. Every day we publish tennis betting tips, and they are completely free.

  • Are there any restrictions for free tips on tennis?

    We open up predictions 24 hours before the games start. The odds can be changed. But usually most of them are still relevant. Please check them out before placing bets.

  • How are the predictions created?

    We develop algorithms and professional betting tools. Analysing data from bookmaker markets we seek underestimated odds or mistakes then convert them into predictions on Bethub. Free access to them is open for everyone 24 hours before the beginning of the matches.

  • How hard is it to earn with free tennis tips?

    It is difficult to make free tools profitable. Our research shows the mean profit for the last 100000 free tennis tips is 3% for each 100 bets if player used a flat strategy with a 1% of bank for each bet. We advise considering website as training. By using it, you can discover what underestimated odds are to improve your betting skills.

  • Which tennis tournaments do the tips cover?

    We do not pick out particular tennis tournaments and pay attention to analysis of market’s movement. But we should mention the difference between big and small markets. Depending on the amount of money and number of bets, inside popular leagues such as ATP Wimbledon or US Open. They have slow changing odds and contain less mistakes. In the others, such as ITF tournaments, it is more likely to find underestimations but their odds are more volatile.



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