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  • Are the Bethub hockey tips free?

    Absolutely. We lay out daily hockey betting tips for free.

  • Are there limitations for free daily hockey tips?

    We open the tips 24 hours before the games. Prediction can be found earlier. It might be a purpose why coefficient differs. Don't worry, more than half of them are actual. But keep in mind to check them out.

  • How are the tips created?

    Our algorithms and betting software analyses the bookmaker lines. They look for the overvalued odds and bookmaker faults and publish them on our portal. When 24 hours remain, they become free to everyone.

  • Can I make some money with free hockey tips?

    Making public tools profitable is a complex thing. Statistically, each 100 bets amid recent 100000 free hockey tips brought close to a +2.5% return. Calculation made for 1% of bank per bet. We strongly encourage you to consider our data as learning. It allows you to realise how overvalued odds look like and enhance your betting knowledge.

  • Which hockey leagues do the tips cover?

    We do not sort out specific hockey leagues and focus on market research. But you have to distinguish big and small markets. They depend on the amount of cash and the number of bets. The big markets are focused in popular tournaments such as NHL and KHL. The odds in these leagues are changed slower and contain less mistakes. Small markets include unpopular championships and types of bets. They contain more mistakes but it is not as easy to catch them due to high volatility.



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