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  • Are your football tips really free?

    Yes. We publish football betting tips for today, and this is absolutely free.

  • Are there some restrictions for free tips on football?

    We show predictions 24 hours before the games kick off. Some odds might be changed. But many of them are still actual. Do not forget to check them out.

  • How are the predictions are compiled?

    We design algorithms and develop a professional betting software. It analyses a lot of data relating to the bookmaker markets. When the overvalued coefficients or bookmaker mistakes are found they are published on Bethub. Free access to Bethub tips is available one day before the start of the game.

  • How much can I earn using these free football tips?

    It is complicated to make public tools profitable. Our findings show the average yield for the last 100000 free football predictions is 3.5% for every 100 bets using a flat bankroll strategy with a 1% stake. Our advice is to consider this service as training, where you can explore what overvalued bets look like and set the correct vector for your betting skills.

  • Which football leagues do the tips cover?

    We do not filter specific football tournaments and focus on analysis of market’s movement. But it is worth noting that there are big and small markets depending on the amount of money and number of bets. The big markets are concentrated inside popular leagues such as English Premier League, Spanish La Liga or German Bundesliga. There, the odds are changed slower and contain fewer overestimations, while the small markets, such as women divisions or youth tournaments contain more mistakes but here coefficients are more volatile.



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