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What is the meaning of 1st period?
What does Total greater than 4 mean on Valleyball?
H1(+1) and H2(+2) means what?

Mexican Premier Division

Nicaragua - Primera Division

Germany - Bundesliga Women

USA - USL Championship

Italy - Serie C

Argentina - Copa de la Liga Profesional

Argentina - Liga Pro

UEFA - Europa Conference League

Spain - Segunda Division

Brazil - Paulista U20

Uruguay - Premier Division

Bahrain - Premier League

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Europa League

Armenian Premier League


England. Skybet Championship

Latvian Higher League

Polish League 1

Brazilian Seria A

Brazilian Seria B

Brazilian Cup

Chilean Premier Division

Norwegian First Division

Saudi Arabian Pro League

Hockey Sweden - Ice Hockey First League

Hockey Czech Republic - 1. Liga

Hockey Sweden - SHL

Hockey Russia - Junior Hockey League

Hockey NHL

Hockey KHL

Hockey Russia. VHL.

Hockey Finland. SM-League

Hockey Czech ExtraLeague

Hockey Germany

ATP Challenger Losinj 6

WTA Tenerife 6

WTA Moscow 6

ATP European Open 6

Brazil - Campeonato Paulista

Basketball Euroleague Women

Argentina - Superliga de doza

Dominican Republic - Superior de Santiago

Basketball Switzerland - LNA

Basketball Europe - FIBA Europe Cup

Kosovo - Superliga

Basketball Europe - Eurocup Women

Basketball Iceland - Premier League

Tunisia - National A League

Basketball Europe - Euroleague

Basketball Estonian - Latvian Basketball League

Greece - A1 Women

Basketball NBA

Basketball Eurocup

Basketball Champions League

MEVZA League Women

Volleyball Italy - Serie A1 Women

Champions League Volleyball

Sweden - Elitserien Women

Denmark - Primo Tours League

France - Division 1 Women

Romania Liga Nationala

Champions League Handball

Sweden. Elite Series Handball




How to use daily Live Betting tips at Bethub

Do not bet if odds dropped more than 3%. Having analysed a large amount of in-Play sports betting data on football, we believe that 3% is an average bookmakers’ odds overestimation when dealing with the bets, detected by our software.

If you allow a significant difference in the odds, you can lose your profit in as soon as 100 bets. Remember that the tool you use is free and publicly available. Along with you, thousands of sports bettors use it every day. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to catch the latest odds.

We do not recommend placing more than one bet per match

If there is no other way, place a fixed number of bets per event. This is because the algorithm can incorrectly determine handicaps for a specific match. If it happens, all the bets will be a waste. For now, the algorithm determines handicaps with 65-75% accuracy. This is enough to achieve an overall positive result. Unfortunately, we do not know what is happening inside a neural network just as we do not know for sure which bets were overrated (in case you find a way to do it, please, contact us before applying for the Turing Award). For these reasons, even and regular bets are preferable. If you place many bets on one event, you risk making a mistake and losing a bigger part of your bankroll.

Stick to the flat sports betting style. Bet no more than 3% of your total bankroll on each play.

During software tests on tennis inplay bets, the drawdown of high-margin bookmakers reached 75%. With mass use, some unpredicted errors are possible both on our side and on punters. The lower the percentage of your bets is, within your total bankroll, the lower the chance of getting an unpleasant drawdown. Expert tipsters use no more than 1-2% of total bankroll for one bet.




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